Top 6 Destinations to Visit in France

France is one of the top vacationist destinations in the world. It is a country of gorgeous beaches, historic cities, fairy tale castles, scenic countryside, and rural villages. Here are the top 6 destinations to visit in France:

Sites of Paris

Sites of Paris

Paris is famous for Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum. Apart from these, there is so much to do in Paris like climbing atop Arc de Triomphe, see the extravagance of Chateau de Versailles, walk-in Luxembourg Gardens, take kids to Disneyland Paris, go on a boat cruise on river Seine, drink in celebrated cafes, and eat delicious Italian cuisines in restaurants.

The French Riviera

The Mediterranean coastline of French Riviera is known for its sandy beaches, glamorous seaside resorts, hilltop villages, glitzy nightclubs, festive carnivals and lavish villas. Travelers can go wine-tasting and be sunbathing in Nice, hiking and scuba diving in Cassis, go in nightclubs and luxury restaurants in Cannes, visit the beaches and museums of St. Tropez, take scenic walks along the shores in Antibes, and visit the luxurious Monte Carlo in Monaco.

Loire Valley

Loire Valley in Central France is a region with colossal fortresses, fairytale castles, and opulent pleasure palaces. The valley has rolling vineyards, producing the most elegant wine, and fertile soil growing fresh fruits and vegetables. Travelers can go on guided tours of the chateaux and castles to feel their medieval charm, bike tours and cycling trails to see picturesque landscapes, vineyard visits and wine tasting, boat cruises on the Loire river, and taste farm fresh food and cheese.

City of Bordeaux

The city of Bordeaux in south-west France is a pedestrian-friendly town, which can be seen while having leisurely walks on its streets, or following the bike trails on bikes. It has a scenic riverfront lined with historical buildings, quays, cafes, shops, and gardens. The Golden Triangle is the heart of the city, with high-end restaurants and museums. Its vineyards are its top attractions, and tourists can take a bike tour and taste the best wines of the world.

City of Arles

The town of Arles, in southwestern France, once was a famous town of the Roman civilization. Even today, travelers can walk among the ruins of the Arena, the Elysian Fields, Roman Theater, the Forum, and the Baths of Constantine. Art lovers can follow the Van Gogh Trail and visit Foundation Vincent Van Gogh to see the original masterpieces. Arles is well known for its street concerts, photography festival, bullfights, museums, and churches.

City of Strasbourg

Strasbourg is situated in northeastern France, near the border of Germany. It’s the home of the European Parliament and is famous for the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Tourists can enjoy pleasant walks in the river banks in La Petite France, explore the Museum of Fine Arts in Palace Rohan, and Alsatian folk art and furniture in Alsatian Museum. It has many cycle paths, on which tourists can ride and see the true colors of the city.