6 Amazing French Islands that are a Heaven for Beach Travelers

France has some of the gorgeous islands off its coast. For travelers looking for a tranquil experience in the midst of sandy beaches and azure waters, here is a list of 6 most amazing French islands for beach travelers.

Island of Re

Island of Re

The Island of Re, with its Atlantic coastline, sandy beaches, pine forests, and quaint villages, is a heaven for beach travelers. It is joined to the mainland by a bridge and is a favorite holiday retreat for celebrities. Tourists can ride a bicycle on its numerous cycle tracks and explore idyllic villages, photogenic cottages, local markets, and enjoy the scenic beauty of its shoreline.


The island of Porquerolles, off the French Riviera, is an unspoiled paradise for beach travelers. Much of this island is a national park having many animal and bird species, flowers, and trees. There is clean sandy beaches ideal for picnics, and cliffs and coves, ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. There are ruins of massive forts inside the island, and vineyards, producing the best wines.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a little island in French Polynesia, situated in the South Pacific Ocean. The island has crystal clear lagoons, sandy beaches, small islets, tropical forests, coral reefs, and dormant volcano peaks. The turquoise blue waters are perfect for scuba diving, snorkeling, viewing underwater marine life, glass bottom boat tours, whale watching, and water sports. Tourists can discover American WWII cannons, go on a jeep safari, fruit tasting, hiking, and buy Tahitian pearls on the island.

Batz Island (Île de Batz)

The Batz Island, off the coast of Brittany in northwestern France, has spectacular beaches, small harbors, and exotic plants. The sandy beaches are ideal for walking, sandcastle building, and family picnics. Cycling on the streets, and hiking along the coastal paths is the best way to explore this island. There is a botanical garden inside the island with plants from all over the world, and a lighthouse which gives a panoramic view of the island and the coastline.


Groix is an island situated off the coast of southern Brittany. It is easily accessible from the mainland. It’s famous for beautiful sandy beaches, soaring cliffs, birdlife, and hidden coves. The ideal way to explore the island is to walk on its beaches or ride a bicycle on its numerous bicycle paths. The island is rich in minerals and is a geological nature reserve. The island has villages, colorful houses, local markets, which can be seen by walking.

Alofi Island

Alofi is an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean, belonging to the French overseas collectivity of Wallis and Futuna. The island is tiny and can be walked in a few minutes. Tourists can explore the island on bicycles too. The island has tropical forests, spectacular beaches, and crystal clear waters. Tourists can do many water-based adventure activities like boat tours, scuba diving, snorkeling, whale watching, kayaking, and see underwater marine life, like corals and fish.